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One of the keys to our success is in creating international awareness of the need to save this beautiful area from further devastation and securing the economic future of the people through sustainable tourism and developing the positive aspects of this the enormous historical value that lay beneath shore and sea, and of the many unique qualities the Bay of Kaštela has to offer. The interest from international media for this project to be commenced in July 2012, through our patrons, will give us all possibility to achieve our vision.
There actually exist a paradise in Europe: only 2 hours flight from London, consisting of over 1100 islands and the most beautiful coastline, rich in history and a wonderful nation where the gentle people have for centuries attracted all nationalities to its shores and is today in the state of recovery from the terrors of war and rampage. A land blessed with sunshine, beauty and access to an unlimited supply clean running water. This area, located between Split and Trogir, once known as the Kastelanska Rivera has been tarnished by industrial development and is today in status quo as the area attempts to put all this behind itself and capture all that was once a Croatian pearl. 

Today we choose to call this our Sedam Bisera as today's Kaštela consists of seven pearls, signified by the castles built between XIV - XVII centuries. The need for regeneration and understanding of today's necessities such as sustainable re enhancement solutions, energy conservation and the handling of waste is essential to positive the future development. Our aim is to push this rejuvenation faster and in the right direction especially before entry into the European union in July 2013 and we need prominent patrons who can help us in achieving this and create awareness in the international media to bring back another kind of perspective to the people who exist here and to provide a secure future for their children and the generations to come. Our achievements so far are modest but we are moving forward. 

The summer will bring 14 Master grade young architects of urban and architectural studies from universities from different european locations to Kaštela. The young architects will, under the leadership of a renowned professor, kick off the project in June 2010 completing their work in a period of 1 month. Our goal is to create a working plan and re enhancement vision for the future development of the area including the entire Kaštela bay. Looking forward to your response.
What they say about Croatia
Croatian coast and islands are every year visited by more and more famous guests. Some of them do not hide their delight as one of the richest people in the world Bill Gates told Forbes magazine that Croatia as an ideal holiday destination. Croatia's beautiful beaches, numerous hidden coves and excellent cuisine have been discovered by Steven Spielberg, Andre Agassi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Tom Cruise, Bono Vox, Beyonce.The Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russell spent first days of summer in Croatia.The world Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel got to experience the beauty of Croatia as a guest of the head of Formula 1 Bernie Eccelstone, who visits the Adriatic coast and Trogir on a regular basis.The musician Jon Bon Jovi also enjoyed the beauty of Brijuni islands and this year decided to tour at least some of the tourist attractions that Croatia offers. Prince Harry, the younger brother of the recently married Prince William, also visited Croatia at top discretion. But he was spotted by reporters in a night club, famous for its crazy night life, in the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar in central Dalmatia. The published photographs show the Prince having a great time until the early hours of the morning. At one point he jumped into the swimming pool of the Veneranda club, for which the British media claims to be one of the best open-air clubs in the world. - create website for free