Sedam bisera - Kaštela
For millennia, no other gem has fascinated and enchanted quite as much as the pearl with its lustrous glow. Ancient, yet always contemporary, the pearl has survived a thousand changing fashions with all its original appeal intact.

To be blinded by the original beauty and not respond to it's continual need which is devastatingly critical as it is not as any other jewel and will tarnish without protection and care. 


Referendum from 22 January 2012 in Croatia resulted in a majority yes and Croatia will become the 28th EU member on 1 July 2013.

Following the positive result of the referendum of 22nd January 2012 on 1st July 2013 Croatia will become the 28th member of the European Union. Commencing the 30th June 2012, 14 young architects from England, Poland, Spain and Czech, under the leadership of an internationally respected Professor, will participate in an Architecture and urban design summer workshop and dedicate a full month while creating a workable plan for the future re-development of the bay of Kaštela which needs an acute and totally fresh approach.

The project is created and initiated locally and has received economic support from the City government of Kaštela. During this month the project team will seriously review the possibilities of bringing sustainable safe tourism to the length of the bay of Kaštela and investigate the conditions for developing the coastal area by connecting the two UNESCO cities of Trogir and Split with the worlds longest and most unique promenade and by redefining the image of the first line through this urban and architectural study named Sedambisera. The team will, under consideration of this beautiful and unique part of Europe, integrate in this study, the opportunities provided for Croatia by its membership in the European Union in order to improve the living standards and increase the business opportunities of the inhabitants of the region of Kaštela.

The area today is synonymous with high unemployment mainly due to the increased closure of the local factories and lack of innovation. The project will also benefit Croatia nationally as this area returns gradually to it's once, very attractive state, where in 1908 near the Adriatic Sea – on the Kaštela Riviera the basis for tourism was discovered by Henrik Šoulavy, a Czech doctor.
Our intentions for this project are to create:
  • Greater local awareness in the important areas of ecology, modern pollution-free transport systems, sustainable energy and waste administration and a revived potential of this area. 
  • Positive media attention and engagement. 
  • International interest for business, cultural and environmental developments. 
  • A solution for the enhancement of Public amenities and the dilapidated building mass. 
  • Revival and development of existing and new accommodation facilities. 
  • A greater number of quality tourists. 
  • A yearly continuation for this important event for the future development. 

The key to our success in this project will depend on our ability to create international awareness through our 7 honoured patrons from different professional walks of life. The future of this almost forgotten and partially dilapidated area needs to be addressed with this fresh approach and the result of the study deserves success. There is an absolute need to save this beautiful area from further devastation and to secure the economic future of the people who live and work here. The creation of a new and fresh approach through attractive visions enhanced by the enormous historical and archaeological value that lay beneath shore and sea and of the many unique qualities the Bay of Kaštela has to offer. We are ourselves and the whole team, totally dedicated to this innovative project.
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  A pioneer of tourism in Kaštela 
In 1908 Henrik Šoulavy Czech doctor visiting Split and Kastela. He was fascinated by the beauty of the Gulf of Kastela and the small town Kastel Luksic. At that time Dr. Šoulavy worked as a doctor in Kastel Luksic.

In the summer 1908th it is visited by his family, and they on this occasion were presented his idea on the opening of the first board on Kaštelanska Riviera. The family supported his idea to start something new and in tourism. His friends helped him in obtaining bank loans from Czech banks that bought the building from the family Ambrozini.

Based on the preserved guest book can be said that guests were well educated and respectable people, like doctors, senators, bankers, lawyers, consuls, priests and several ministers. Guests stayed for 15 days to one month, but sometimes even longer. 

Dr. Šoulavy based on the positive feelings about Kaštela from his customers, created two beautiful brochures that show us the conditions at that time. - create website for free